Friday, November 10, 2006

McDonald's Retreats

Not long ago, McDonald's, in Britain, introduced "healthier" options to their menu, including salads, fruit, and deli sandwiches. Now, it seems that adding these foods to the menu is being blamed for a 66% drop in profits. It seems that the fast-food giant paid too much attention to critics and whinny health advocates, who happened to be out of sync with consumers. McDonald's customers don't want fruit, salads, and deli sandwiches. They want hamburgers! Sales of the healthy items reached about 10%, then stopped growing. The result has been one of the worst years for Mickey D's since the company entered the UK market, back in 1974.
McDonald's management are listening and have decided to implement a back to basics, strategy, focusing on traditional favorites of burgers, fries, and carbonated beverages. Health advocates are upset, as is to be expected. They had better be careful, of they might burst a blood vessel. Let that be a lesson to other large corporations. Health advocates haven't got a clue as to what the consumer wants. I feel like having a Big Mac and a Coke, to celebrate.


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