Monday, November 20, 2006

Artist of the Week: Fry and Wilson

Keeping with the James Bond theme, in recognition of the opening of "Casino Royale," my artist of the week, this week, is Fry and Wilson. I have been intending to feature them for some time, but I was saving them till "Casino Royale" was released. Fry and Wilson submitted a song, appropriately entitled, "Casino Royale," for the soundtrack of the new bond film, some months ago. Unfortunately, their song was not chosen as the theme song for the film. Still, it is so good, I think it should have been included in the film. Because it is slow, it could have been used for one of the romantic moments. I have selected it as my profile song, this week.
Fry and Wilson are composed of Justin Fry and Chris Wilson. Chris is a personal, friend of mine and does the vocals. I didn't just pick them because he's my friend. If I didn't think their music was any good, I wouldn't have picked them. The "Casino Royale" track is my favorite of theirs, so far. It also represents the latest in a couple of bad breaks for the boys. They signed with One Little Indian Records in May of the year and released a single of their England Football song, "England Win With Ease," hoping to coincide with the World Cup. I think it's the best England World Cup song to come out this summer. Unfortunately, the single was released a bit late, and other artists' efforts were already getting airplay on UK radio. I tried to get a few of you, who are in UK radio, to take notice of "England Win With Ease," but I didn't see any evidence that you did. That's a shame. Sales of the single were not as strong as they might have been, had One Little Indian got it out earlier.
I don't know much about Justin Fry. He started making music when he was 12, on a Commodore Amiga computer. He's also a DJ and has performed in America, Australia, and Europe. Chris Wilson and I became friends while we were both working at Gemstone Travel, in Bracknell. He's also the lead singer for the local band, The Point. Those of you who have been long time readers of my blog may remember that I went to see Chris and The Point perform, locally, in Bracknell, over the summer. He was kind enough to mention me, while he was performing and that's not the first time he has done that. Me being the publicity whore that I am, I was, understandably, thrilled. I remember Chris once told me he had an audition for "The X Factor," but didn't attend. I was disappointed to hear that. He is gifted with a wonderful voice and perfect pitch. I hope he achieves the musical success he deserves.
Fry and Wilson are working on an album. After waiting months for the new Bond film to come out, I was looking at the boy's Myspace, not too long ago and noticed they had removed the "Casino Royale" track from their music player, there. I panicked, because I needed it to be there in order to add the track to my profile, which is one of the conditions for being Artist of the Week. With only a couple of weeks to go, I started sending them messages through Myspace, urging them to put the track back up. It seems that they listened, because it is back. You can also hear "England Win With Ease," and "Love is the War," their latest effort, in collaboration with another The Point band member, Nugget, at the Fry and Wilson Myspace profile: . Add the boys as friends and tell them I sent you.


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