Saturday, November 25, 2006

Taxing Reading

I was visiting Britain in 1997 and was here for the election, that year. Back then, I predicted that if Labour won the election, taxes would increase. A recent study by the World Bank has found that, since coming to power in 1997, the Labour Party has introduced over 4,600 pages of new tax laws. That's 4,600 plus pages of tax law ADDED to the tax laws that were already on the books, bringing Britain's total of primary tax legislation to 8,300 pages. The only country in the study which had more pages was India, with 9,000. As a former British colony, I wonder where they learned it from.
As bad as tax legislation is in America, America totaled out at 5,100 pages. Germany has 1,700 pages, France has 1,300, and Switzerland only has 300. The folks in Switzerland have also been clever enough to stay out of the European Union. Come to think of it, they stayed out of World War II, as well. They make nice watches, too. Gordon Brown, the man who has presided over wringing more and more money out of the British taxpayer, is now on his way to becoming the next "Prime Minister." Not nearly as charismatic as Tony Blair, it's likely that when Blair resigns, Brown will end up losing the next election to the Conservatives. This may not provide any respite for the victims in all of this, the public, because the Conservatives have stated that they won't guarantee to reduced taxes.
It makes no difference which wing of the Labour-Conservative-Liberal-Democrat Party wins the elections, we, the people, end up paying for it. They all keep coming up ways to fleece wealth from those of us who create it, like the blood-sucking parasites that they are. The same thing happens in America, with the Demopublicans. Those who advocate for the enactment of government legislation ought to keep something in mind: it seems to be much harder getting rid of regulation than it is to enact it in the first place. More addictive than cigarettes, just say, "no," to legislation, in the first place. Remember friends, taxation is theft.


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