Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How To Have Fun For Less Than One Dollar

I've discovered a brilliant way to have loads of fun for less than one Dollar. When you are at work, start saying a phrase, seemingly at random. A good phrase is "Lord Pi Pi" (pronounced pee-pee). I used it myself, yesterday. Give it a try, tomorrow. Go into work and when you near someone you know, say, out loud, "Lord Pi Pi." Then repeat the phrase, over and over to the person. No matter what he of she says in response, you reply by saying, "Lord Pi Pi," with an intonation that implies that the answer is obvious.
Continue using this same phrase all day, with everyone you know at work. If you feel you have mastered the technique, you can add embellishments. A good one to use, after you have said "Lord Pi Pi," to a person several times, if the person asks, "who (or what) is Lord Pi Pi?" You can reply, "Everyone knows Lord Pi Pi." Offer no further explanation than that, no matter what, then walk away. You must keep a straight face while doing this. You must also say the phrase only when you have no other, business related matters to discuss. If you need to talk to someone about work, then have a normal work conversation, without uttering, "Lord Pi Pi." Return to the person, later, when you don't need to talk about work, and do "Lord Pi Pi," then. The puzzled reactions you get from people are hilarious.
If you don't work, you can use the phrase on people in your personal life. A wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend is best. Warning: do not use it on, or in the presence of children. Young children are so uninhibited, that they will laugh and probably start imitating you. They won't produce the same, puzzled reaction you get from adults, who are much more inhibited. I have been doing this for years and it's great fun. Once you have mastered using "Lord Pi Pi," you can try other phrases. You can use the same phrase for a few days. When I first started doing this, in the 1990s, I used to use the same phrase for weeks. Then, when everyone would get used to me saying it and they slipped into a comfort zone, I would change the phrase. These days, I change the phrase much quicker, after a day, or two. Yesterday, I used, "Lord Pi Pi." Today, I used, "Kota Kinabalu." Try "Lord Pi Pi" out tomorrow, then let me know how it goes.


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