Sunday, December 10, 2006

Like a Spy Movie

Last month, a former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko, died in London, after being poisoned with a radioactive substance. It's suspected that Litvinenko ingested the radioactive substance, polonium 210, while dining at the Piccadilly branch of the sushi restaurant, Itsu, where he was a regular. This case has been all over the news, here in the UK, since then. It's even made the news in America. However, there is one aspect to this case that has been, mostly, overlooked. The girl who served him that day is gorgeous.
Ela Malek, 22, originally from Poland, is a worker at the restaurant. Commenting on the case, she said, "I feel like I'm caught in the middle of some mad spy movie." She's worried that she may have been contaminated with polonium, herself, because she was in close contact with Litvinenko on the day he was thought to have been poisoned. Some people have been complaining about the influx of Polish workers into the UK. I have mentioned working with a number of Poles, myself, in this blog. Every female Pole I have come across has been lovely. Why complain about that? Malek has long, dark hair and was described in The Sun newspaper as, "stunning." Every spy movie needs its beautiful females and Ela seems to fit that role quite nicely.
The Sun also revealed that Ela used to talk with the other girls who worked at the restaurant, about Litvinenko, who was 43. They noticed that he dressed in designer clothes and had lots of cash in his wallet. So, if you're a man in your forties, beautiful girls in their twenties do notice you. If you dress well and appear to have lots of cash, then you will get their attention. Perhaps, if they see you in a spy movie, they will also pay you attention. I can always hope to be cast in a spy movie.


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