Thursday, December 14, 2006

Must Love Dogs

Nando and I are back into our old routine of watching TV together in the evenings. During the eight months we lived apart, Nando didn't have access to Sky, so he's behind on seeing films. After we watched "Eastenders," we discussed what to watch. I've seen most of the films that were on, so I asked Nando what he wanted to watch. Nothing moved him and he ended up telling me to choose. I elected to go for one of the only films which I hadn't seen, "Must Love Dogs."
I really enjoyed the film, which is about a divorced, forty-something woman who looks for love via internet dating sites. It stars Diane Lane, who I saw, not too long ago, in "Under the Tuscan Sun." Nando doesn't go much for romantic comedies. Perhaps I enjoyed it more because I am divorced and forty-something, and I have used the internet to find love. Heck, I met my evil ex-wife, the Black Queen, on the internet. John Cusack co-stars and does a competent job. The only discontinuity is that he looks younger than Diane Lane. Nando rated this film as "alright." Nando has four ratings on his Nando scale of film ratings. The best is "good," then comes "alright," then, "crap," and worst of all is, "shit." For Nando, those four terms sum up the film world, completely. During the middle of the film, Nando said it was "crap," but when I asked him at the end of the film, he went for "alright." Maybe he's getting soft as he ages.
During the film, I got the impression that it was based on a novel written by a woman. That's because John Cusack's character says something in the film that a guy wouldn't say, but is typical female fare. Newly divorced, he tells his friend, who's trying to get him to start dating, that he needs some time to heal, before he begins dating. Women do that; take time out from dating to heal from an ended relationship. For men, the best way to get over an old relationship is with a new one. We don't take breaks from seeking out new relationships. One of the hardest things for an author is to write characters of the opposite gender. Sure enough, "Must Love Dogs" is based on a novel by Claire Cook. I so love being right.


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