Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dreaming of Turkey

As it's the holiday season, it should come as no surprise that I dreamed of Turkey, last night. Well, technically, in the early hours of this morning. No, not that kind of turkey. Turkey, the country. In my dream I was late to the airport and missed my flight to Turkey. The strange thing is, the flight had an LH flight number, which everyone knows is Lufthansa, the German airline. From the UK, Lufthansa flies to Germany. So, if one wanted to fly to Turkey, one would have to change planes in Germany, most likely Frankfurt. I have been to Turkey before and I changed planes in Germany, at Frankfurt, but I was flying TWA.
Another strange thing about the dream is that the check-in staff were Turkish, not German. I was expecting to fly direct to Istanbul and change planes there, to go on to another city in Turkey. That is a routing Turkish Airways flies. Perhaps it was a code-share. Another strange thing is that I have dreamed that I was at the airport at this same check-in, before. It's very unusual for me to dream the same thing twice.
When I missed my flight, it was the last flight of the day. The Turkish woman, at check-in, said that all the flights the next day were fully booked. Of course, she was very good looking. However, she suggested that if one joined the airline's frequent flyer program, one would have a better chance of making it off the wait list. Then, American military personnel showed up and seemed to be talking about someplace like Iraq. Iraq borders Turkey. I ended up back at a hotel room, with this frequent flyer form to fill out. What does this all mean? Ironically, they served turkey at the restaurant, today.


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