Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bond Homework

I was reading an interview with Daniel Craig, the new James Bond, in a British tabloid, when I noticed something. Craig is said to have watched every previous Bond film, twice, while preparing for the role. Does that mean he hadn't already seen them all twice, or that he watched them all again, two times? Anyway, that's not the thing I noticed, it's just one of the many questions that pop into my mind, on a day to day basis. What I noticed was that Craig says that "Dr. No" and "From Russia With Love," are his two favorite Bond films. Daniel! They happen to be the first two Bond films made, but are the two worst of the original, Sean Connery ones.
Daniel Craig does get one thing right, when he says that Sean Connery was the best Bond. So why does he pick the two worst Connery films as his favorites? The Bond formula doesn't find its footing till the third film, "Goldfinger." My favorite is "Diamonds Are Forever, " while my second favorite is hard to decide, being almost a tie between "Thunderball" and "You Only Live Twice." I used to favor "You Only Live Twice," but the final battle scene in "Thunderball" is so good, it's still thrilling today, forty-one years after it was originally released. I think Craig does a good job of playing the new Bond, but what is up with his taste in films? He says that he dreamed of being Bond, or Superman, or Spiderman, when he was a kid. I'd love to play Felix Leiter, in a future Bond film. Come on people, make it happen.


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