Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Isn't Bracknell Council Clever?

The local government, here in beautiful Bracknell, is the Bracknell Forest Borough Council. Yesterday, they did something which clearly demonstrates how really clever they are. In my neighborhood, the rubbish is collected on Tuesday mornings. I am the one in the house who puts the rubbish bin out for collection. Nando will bring it back in, when he gets home from work, if he gets home before I do. When I arrived home, yesterday, I found something hanging from the empty bin. It was a clear, plastic bag, from the Bracknell Forest Borough Council, for extra recycling during Christmas. Recycling is a scam, supposedly to help the environment. The clever Council had these plastic bags hung on everyone's bin. The result? The wind blew the plastic bags around the neighborhood. I have three now, as I found two blown onto our lawn, by the wind. To help the environment, the Council have caused big plastic bags to be blowing around the streets of Bracknell. See how clever they are?


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