Friday, December 15, 2006

More Nice Pieces of Fish

As it is Friday, there was fish and chips on the menu at work. When lunch was finished, there was almost a whole tray of freshly fried haddock left. The head chef has been saving it, lately, although the restaurant is closed on weekends and they have to throw it away after two days, so they just end up throwing it out on Mondays. Given this, there doesn't seem much point in saving it on a Friday. When I had my lunch, I didn't go to Chef Anthony for a piece of fish, as he was yelling for more and had a long line. He also didn't make eye contact with me and give me the wink. I settled for a jacket potato and chicken curry, with some corn and cole slaw on the side. Later, when I returned from my lunch break, Chef Anthony asked me why I hadn't come get fish for my lunch. I explained to him and he said there had been plenty. Oh well, next time. While I was working, he came to me and gave me a piece of haddock. I saved it to take home with me. I was hoping to get more than just the one piece.
When lunch was over, Jum asked the head chef what to do with the fish left over. I tried to listen in to this conversation, since it was on one of my favorite topics...spare fish! The head chef asked Jum how much there was. Then I thought I heard him say to save it. I planned on looking out for it on Monday. I watched Jum walking toward the fridges with a tray of lovely fried haddock, following his progress with my eyes. Suddenly, he stopped at a rubbish bin and stated to throw it all away. I raced over to him, saying urgently, "don't put that in there!" Jum hesitated and looked at me. Then it dawned on him what my interest in the fish was. He gave me a knowing grin and put the whole tray of fish on a shelf in my work area. There must have been at least eight or nine pieces of fish there.
There had been a few more pieces on serving plates out on the counter. Richard would have removed those plates to wash and would throw whatever was on them down the waste disposal. I contemplated racing to the plate wash room and rescuing any remaining fish, before Richard threw it away, but I had a lot of work to do. All of a sudden, Chef Anthony walked over with a small plate with about three pieces of haddock on it. He had rescued these pieces form the plate wash doom. When he went to put the plate on my shelf, he noticed that I had a tray of fish there, already. "Oh," he said. "Here I was trying to get you some fish and you have loads already."
"That's okay," I replied," the more the merrier." He put the plate down and I added what he had brought to my hoard. I must have been up to a dozen pieces, now. Enough to eat dinner for almost two weeks. Jackpot! When I went to put them in the bag I had to take them home, I had so much fish, I almost couldn't fit it all in the bag. I just managed to squeeze the last one in. All that was required was a stop at the supermarket, on the way home, for some potatoes, corn, cole slaw, potato salad, and a jar of tartar sauce, to go with it. Yum-yum, pig's bum.


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