Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Monkey Shine

On Monday and Tuesday, I was back working at a restaurant I have worked at before. This one has a German girl, whom I mentioned in a blog a couple of months back. In addition to her, I have met a very cute Polish girl working there. The Polish girl was on holiday (vacation) when I worked there last, so I hadn't met her before. Intel confirms that the German girl has a boyfriend, now. I thought many guys would find this tall, zwaftig, uber-chick a bit intimidating. She doesn't seem to get my humor.
On Monday, I needed to use a scrubber that was in the sink. German girl poured monkey shine into the sink, without moving the scrubber. This resulted in the scrubber getting monkey shine on it (in order to get this, you need to understand that I came up with the expression, "monkey shine," on Monday afternoon. It means "coffee grounds." It came to me, like a bolt out of the blue. There is really no more rational than that.). I felt really annoyed about this, because she just left the scrubber there, with monkey shine on it and I had to clean it, in order to use it. I kept saying to myself, over and over, "you put monkey shine on put monkey shine on it..." The monkey shine got all over the scrubber and all over my hands, as I tried to wash it out. It took me ages to get all the monkey shine out of the scrubber. For Pete's sake, why would she want to get monkey shine on it?


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