Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Prodigal £20 Returns

Yesterday, I wrote about how I lost £20 on Tuesday. All this week, I have been working at an on-site restaurant, located at the offices of a large, international, computer corporation. I suspected that I lost the money there, as it was the only place I had been,Tuesday. I mentioned it to several of the workers, there, yesterday, before writing about it in my blog.
Today, during our breakfast break, one of them told me that I should speak to the Assistant Manager, as a security guard reported to her that he'd found £20 on Tuesday. Could it be that I would get my money back? As I finished my breakfast, consisting of a fried egg, hash browns, two sausages, and a piece of fried bread (I don't remember fried bread being on the menu, back in it just a British thing?), I asked Anthony, one of the chefs, to let the Assistant Manger know the £20 was mine. I thought it would look better if someone other than just me said the money was mine. Anthony agreed. He's a friendly, happy sort of fellow and my favorite of the chefs. After I had finished my breakfast, Anthony came back from the offices and said, "she doesn't know anything about it."
Now the only problem with Anthony is that he likes to wind people up, so it's hard to tell when he's telling the truth, or just teasing. No, he's not the Anthony who won "Big Brother," last year. I double checked with the original person who told me the money had been found, Will-i-am. No, he's not the Will-i-am from the Black Eyed Peas. Will-i-am repeated that I should talk to tAssistantant Manager and he seemed sincere. When I went to see her, feeling a bit defensive, after what Anthony had said, she just matter-of-factly said that she'd called the security guard already and he would be bringing the money over at lunch time. Oh. When I asked Anthony about this, he admitted he'd made up the part about her not knowing anything about it.
I tried to wait patiently for lunch. I didn't want to get my hopes up, only to be disappointed. Lunch stated and still no news. Suddenly, the Assistant Manger walked up and handed me a £20 note, no questions asked. Result! I never thought I could lose £20, cash, in a crowded area, where hundreds of people traffic, yet still get it back, two days later. Once again, the world is unbalanced....oh happy day!


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