Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thick As Pig Shit

Researchers at the University of Illinois, in America, have apparently figured out how to extract crude oil from pig manure. My first reaction was, "no shit!" The process was economical when oil was selling at $25 per barrel. With oil currently topping $70 per barrel, it's even more so. This is no bullshit. Suggestions that we are running out of oil are a load of crap. This research has the sweet smell of success around it. I guess even I will stoop to toilet humor.
Prices at the petrol pump have dipped, this past week. Market watchers attribute this to the calming effect of the cease fire agreement in Lebanon. Keep in mind, folks, that a significant portion of the price at the pump is tax. As bad as things are in America, regarding fuel prices, they are worse here, in England. We are paying about $6.77 per gallon, here, and that's at the cheapest stations. The difference in price between here and America is all tax. We are being royally shafted by the "Government," here. Maybe we should dump loads of pig shit on the steps of Parliament. Think they would get the message?


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