Friday, August 18, 2006

What's the Point in That on Myspace?

Have you noticed how some people on Myspace have their profiles set so only people who already know them can add them as "friends?" That defeats the whole purpose of coming on Myspace. I don't think these people get it. They usually have a very small number of "friends." People you already know, personally, you already have contact with, so why come on Myspace just to talk to them? That's like emailing someone who sits at the desk next to yours, at work. Or like calling someone on your mobile phone, who's in the same house as you. My old Italian housemate, Nando, did that, on occasion. I would be upstairs, in my room, and he would text me from downstairs, in the lounge. We are talking only one flight of stairs. I am lazy, but I mean, come on! I have said, for a long time, that people send a lot of unnecessary text messages.
Another thing I don't see the point of, on Myspace, is the people who have their profiles set to "private." They have to add you as a friend BEFORE you can see the profile. I could see this making sense for people who are under age, but not for adult Myspacers. Yet, some people do it.
Then there are the people who don't let you comment until they have approved the comment, first. It's bad enough when famous people do this, but when non-famous people do it I think, "who do they think they are?" They should be happy they get comments. Myspace gives you the facility to delete a comment, if you find it objectionable. Surely, this must really add to the person's workload. More trouble than it's worth.
Finally, there are the people who clutter their pages with so many videos and graphics that the page takes forever to load.. Also, those with busy backgrounds, so it's almost impossible to actually read the writing. Try a little self editing. Get rid of all the excess stuff. One or two videos is enough. If there are many you want to show, change them periodically. Also, large pictures and excessive glitter graphics, slow the loading of the page. This is also true of people who leave large photos and glitter graphics in comments. Look at your page and if the background is so visually busy that you can't read all of the text, then you should change it. Remember, more is not always better.


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