Friday, August 11, 2006

Nikki's Back!

I watched the last eviction night of "Big Brother," Series 7 (UK), Friday. I had predicted that Imogen would be the one evicted and she was. I have correctly predicted every eviction, except Nikki's. The housemates selected Nikki as the one ex-housemate from the house next door to go back into the main house. This is the outcome I wanted, so all is right with the world. I was concerned that the housemates might pick Lea and that Pete would defer to their choice, as he's usually so deferential. As much as I have disliked Richard all series, I was pleased with what he did, this time. He used his influence with the others to get Nikki back in, "for Pete." He has almost completely redeemed himself, in my eyes, but not quite. I still think he should have shown this compassionate side to Shabazz.
I am concerned that Nikki's re-entry might prove less satisfying, over the long run. The problem is, she has been in the outside world and discovered how popular she is, and what are the things people like about her. The temptation will be for her to now put on these behaviors, in an attempt to please her audience, rather than do them naturally. Grace was let back in the house for twenty-one minutes, to celebrate her twenty-first birthday. I found this, too, didn't live up to anticipation. Also, watching the other ex-housemates, in the house next door, gave me the impression that it's not a good idea to put housemates back in, once they have been evicted. You can't put the genie back into the bottle and it's never the same. Going into the outside world changes them, so going back in, they are never the same.
I did want to comment on Imogen. I thought she looked beautiful during her eviction. When she is made up, she looks great and it's no wonder she was Miss Wales. Her outfit, from the waist up, was great. I didn't like the shorts she was wearing, though, although I liked the color. She was very tanned...more so than I would like. She had a certain, slmost Catherine Zeta Jones air to her. It was her night and I am glad she made the most of it. Sadly, when she doesn't have her makeup on, she loses a lot, similarly to Aisleyne. Jennie is one of those girls who is fortunate enough to be pretty, even without makeup.


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