Sunday, August 13, 2006

Places in the Heart

On the way home from filming a segment for TV, Sunday, I decided to stop at Tesco. By the time I got there, I was really anxious to take a pee. Tesco provides toilets for customers to use. After taking advantage of the facilities, I walked back to the entrance to the store, to get a basket. All of them were gone! I walked over to a checkout counter and grabbed one from where the customers leave them.

While shopping, I was happy to find Herta hot dogs on sale, buy one pack, get one free. BOGOF! "buy one...get another one free, now...two for the price of one." This was good, as I was down to one hot dog left, at home. These were the thinner Herta, not the Jumbos I prefer, but I will take what I can get. Tesco Healthy Living Cole Slow was marked down, because it was at its sell by date. This made it cheaper than the Tesco Value Cole Slaw I usually get. Oh yum, the good stuff! I had originally hoped to buy a few things, but as I spied bargain after bargain, I ended up with a full basket.

Walking along the checkout aisles, I looked for Corazon, Could that be her? I looked at her name badge...yes, it was her! She looked...different, somehow. Older. Hmmmm. Was it the lighting? "Hello Corazon," I said.

"Hello," she said back. "Are you alright to pack?"

"Yeah. You don't remember me," I teased.

"I do...I do remember you. You said I was from the Philippines, last time."

"No, you don't remember me," I repeated.

"Yes, I do," she insisted. Then she game me my total. £9.33 That was exactly the same as I spent the last time Corazon had rung up my shopping. This time, I paid cash.


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