Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lesbian Kiss on Big Brother and Opal Bonfante

Written 11th July, 2006:

I haven't said much about "Big Brother," lately. There are a couple of reasons for that. I haven't been watching it much, lately. Bill Buckley has been on holiday (vacation, for my American readers), so I haven't been talking about it on air. I sort of fell into being an unofficial "Big Brother" correspondent on Bill Buckley's radio show, which airs on LBC 97.3, London. Outside of London, LBC can be heard on Sky Channel 0177, or via their website, at: Finally, I have not been spending much time on the Big Brother forums, in the Channel 4 Community, where I post under the name, "Joe Black."
So, I feel like I have been letting "Big Brother" fans down, a bit. My top 24 Myspace "friends" is currently dominated by "Big Brother" related "friends." I intend to keep it that way until the series finishes. Last year, I watched series 6 almost constantly. This year, I have found the housemates less interesting. That's not just because I auditioned this year and didn't make the final selection. Pete is a great guy, but now that the novelty of his tourretts has worn off, I am finding him less compelling to watch. The word, "dull" comes to mind, but I don't WANT to say that, because I like him so much. While I don't know if I could stand living with Nikki on a day to day basis, I find her hilarious to watch. Glyn can be amusing, but also a bit dull. Suzie I think of as "Snoozie."
Last night, I was watching the daily summary show, while eating my dinner, when things got interesting. The housemates were playing "Truth or Dare." I have never played this and it may be a British game. When I was a kid, in America, there was a game called, "Truth, Dare, Consequences, Promise, or Repeat." How's that for a title? I am not sure if these are the same. I didn't play that one either. This Truth or Dare game on "Big Brother" seemed to involve dares of kissing various persons. At one point, Aisleyne ends up snogging Nikki. For my American readers, "snogging" is a very intimate kissing, with tongues and everything. Wow, this was sexy! Last year, in Series 6, the sexiest moment, for me, was when Sam (a very pretty female) snogged Makosi ( a slightly less pretty female, but still quite good looking). Nando, my former Italian housemate, who watched "Big Bother" with me, last year, also loved seeing beautiful women snogging each other. A lot of men like this sort of thing. Sometimes people refer to this as lesbianism, but men really don't like lesbianism, because that would leave us out completely. I guess we like bisexuality in women. Men like to see pretty, girlie women kissing, for example, not butch looking women.
Speaking of lesbianism, I called Opal Bonfante, last night, to make up for not calling her Sunday night. Opal's Myspace profile lists her as a lesbian. I have mentioned this to her before and she seemed to imply that wasn't true. I think it says her age is 98, as well, and that certainly isn't true. Opal was doing her usual, Monday through Thursday night, 10PM to 2AM shift, on the Big L, 1395AM, London. (Sky Channel 0190 or on the net: ) We had a lovely chat. She seemed very complimentary and kept singing. I wondered if she had been drinking. She complemented my voice again, repeating her claim that it's "overtly sexual." She surely lives up to her description as hot and funny. I requested she play one of Dannii Minogue's new songs. While she was checking to see which ones she had, she dropped me in it and told me to fill the link while she looked, because she was away from the mic. Gee, no warning or preparation and I am left to fill air on my own! I tried to rise to the occasion, initially babbling on about Dannii Minogue's CD, "Hits and More," then going on about whatever else came to mind. After Opal came back to the mic we ended the call and she went with "So Under Pressure." Opal followed this up with one of Dannii's older songs, playing two Dannii songs back to back! How cool would it be to see Dannii snogging Opal?


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