Sunday, April 22, 2007

That Damn Pritam!

While I was on location, at Waterloo, Wednesday, I received a missed call on my mobile phone, from my agent. They know I am on a shoot, so why are they calling me? I listened to the voicemail, but it was hard to hear with all the noise in the train station. With a heavy heart over the expense, I called back. A young man answered, then passed me to a woman, once he knew who I was. She said the film company I was doing the shoot for needed Americans to play the role of scientists, for a shoot on Friday. I would also need to attend a costume fitting on Thursday, at Pinewood Studios. In addition, she said she wanted to put me forward for a commercial shoot at the end of the next week. When I finished the call, I was pretty happy about having so much work coming in. Things had been pretty quiet for the first three months of the year.
The next morning, I was back at the restaurant where I work between acting jobs. Upon arrival, I immediately told the manager about needing to be off Friday, tentatively Thursday and Friday of the following week, plus about my costume fitting later that day. I suggested that I leave work in the afternoon, go to the costume fitting, then return and finish my work. I promised to stay late and make up any time I was away for. He's a great guy, so he agreed to my proposal. Not long after I started work that morning, one of the chefs came to me and offered me a entire tray of whole trout. If I didn't want them, they'd be thrown away. I was suspicious that this was a practical joke, so I checked with the Head Chef. He confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the fish and that I could indeed have them. There must have been around a dozen fish in the tray. I told him I couldn't use that many, but he suggested that I freeze them. I thought about it for a moment, then concluded that would be an excellent idea. He even gave me some suggestions as to how to cook them.
I went to see Chef Anthony and asked him if I could store the fish in the fridge in his work area. He told me he wasn't allowed to have meat or fish in his fridge and directed me to put the fish back in the main meat, walk-in fridge. Explaining to Anthony that I was going to a costume fitting that afternoon, I told him I was worried that the chefs would leave before I returned. As they locked the walk-in fridges before going home, the trout would be locked away from me. His little fridge isn't locked, which was why I wanted to use it. Anthony promised to leave it out for me, just before he went home. That seemed like a good plan.
At 1:30PM, I left the restaurant to go to my costume fitting. My fitting appointment was for 3PM, but I needed to stop home first and get the clothes I was instructed to bring with me. While I was waiting to see the costume people, at Pinewood Studios, I sent Anthony a text, reminding him to leave the fish out for me. He didn't send me any text in response. The costume fitting took much longer than I thought it would and I didn't get back to the restaurant until 5PM. Most of the staff had gone home and only the managers were left. Looking around my work area, I discovered there was no fish. I assumed that Anthony had forgotten to leave it out. Using my mobile, I called Anthony on his mobile. When he answered, I asked him what happened to the fish? He told me that he had put it out for me, but had placed the tray of trout in the racks of dirty pots and pans that needed washing. Subsequently, Pritam, my Nepalese co-worker, was instructed by the Head Chef to throw out some plaice that had gone bad. Pritam had taken the plaice and mixed it with my trout, then thrown all of it out. What an idiot! That prat had thrown away £50 worth of fish that I was getting for free. Fortunately, by the time I learned of this, he'd gone home already. Otherwise, I might have been tempted to throw him into the rubbish skip, after my fish.

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