Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Watching Girls of the Playboy Mansion With the Flower

I had a special treat, tonight. I hadn't seen the Exotic Flower for about ten days. Last weekend, my youngest housemate, M1, took the Flower away for the weekend, to visit his mother, in Wales. Because of that, the Flower didn't spend the weekend at our house. Nando was pleased about that, because he finds her girly-girliness annoying. I think I like women more than Nando does and I find her sweet and adorable. Out of all the guys in the house, I have the most compatible taste to hers, in music and TV.
Nando and I had planned on watching the Arsenal v Liverpool, football match, tonight. First we watched "Eastenders," as usual, then we tuned into Sky Sports. No game! Or should I say, some other game. We discovered that the Arsenal/Liverpool match had been postponed, due to fog. I quickly suggested we watch a film. We put on the beginning of "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou," but Nando didn't like it. At 9PM, "Hostage," starring Bruce Willis, was beginning. Nando opted to watch this, instead. I have seen it before and dozed off. When I awoke again, the film had ended and Nando had put on "Air Crash Investigations." By this time, Nando was feeling tired, so he went upstairs, to bed. I was trying to wake myself up enough to do the same, when I heard a sound at the front door. In walked M1 and the Exotic Flower.
The sudden, unexpected arrival of the Exotic Flower woke me up a bit. They went up to M1's room, but after a short time, the Flower came back downstairs. Then she went back up, again. Then she came back down. Then she went up, again. Finally, she came back down, once again and plopped down on the middle settee. She announced that M1 had hidden her shoe. Knowing that spared me the effort of putting on the BBC News. She lit a cigarette. "I want to go home, but he's hidden my shoe," she embellished. They were bickering again. If she asked me to drive her home, would I be willing to get up, get dressed,a and go out into the cold December night, with little prospect of reward? Probably. I like the idea of coming to her rescue.
Fortunately for me, she didn't ask. She started watching "Air Crash Investigations," with me. At the first commercial break after she parked herself in my company, suspecting that she really wasn't into this documentary program, I asked her if she would like to watch something else. "Is there anything else on?" she inquired.
Never one to miss out on making fun, I responded by saying, "of course there's something else on, there are like 1000 channels." I started displaying the menu. Page down, page down and no reaction from the Flower. Page down and suddenly she exclaimed, "Girls of the Playboy Mansion!" I had been subjected to this show before, but in the company of Nando and M1. In the mood to please, I indulged the Flower's desire and selected "Girls" from the menu.
If you've never seen it, "Girls of the Playboy Mansion" gives us a fly-on-the-wall peek into the inside of the Playboy Mansion and Hugh Hefner's day to day adventures with his three, twenty-something girlfriends. Hef's 80. I know this, because this particular episode featured the build-up to Hefner's 80th Birthday Party. While I can see how Hefner might appreciate the girls' physical attributes, their air-headedness would put me off. Maybe when you're 80, you don't care anymore. One of the girls was scheduled to pop out of a cake and do a striptease for Hef. Her parents had come to the Mansion, for a visit. Because they wouldn't be available to attend the party, this girl decided to perform the striptease for her parents, ahead of time. As we were watching, I said to the Flower, "there's something a bit weird about a girl doing a striptease in front of her father."
"Definitely," the Flower agreed.
This was fun. Just me and the Flower, watching TV...alone. It almost makes up for being subjected to brain-dead TV. Ironically, a gal I know, who's 24, has started dating a guy who's 76. "Would you date a guy who's 80?" I asked the Flower.
"No," she said. I wonder what is the maximum age the Flower would go for? 47, perhaps?


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