Monday, December 18, 2006

Now That Leona Has Won

As many of you are aware, Leona Lewis won the 2006 edition of "The X Factor" (UK), on Saturday, and I am glad. She was so talented, I have been behind her since the first time the Exotic Flower put the program on, this year. I voted for her, Saturday, and it's the first time I have ever voted in a reality show. (Now that she's won, do you think she will give me my 35p back?) She is the first woman to win "The X Factor." Over the weekend, I heard a disturbing rumor. I heard that Leona is going to get marry to her long-time boyfriend, Lou.
Noooooooo! Leona, 21, has been dating this geezer for four years and they have known each other since they were 10 years old. Don't marry least not yet. As a beautiful, young, female singer, she needs to maintain the illusion of "availability" for her male fans. As soon as Britney started this getting married nonsense, her career took a downturn. Now, she has to flash her fanny to try to jump-start her flagging popularity. If she's been dating this guy since she was 17, how does she know he's the best one for her? She needs to get out and sample what else is out there.
In any case, her life is now in the process of changing, dramatically. She will be meeting loads of new people. She doesn't need to make any premature commitments. I met some of the best women in my life after I was 27. No need to rush things. She might find that fame puts a strain on her relationship. This Lou probably wants to tie her down now, because he realizes he risks being left behind. It's such a shame that any woman has to settle for anything less than me. Leona has the same coloring as my Pam 1 did. Now that Leona has won, let's hope she doesn't blow it by getting married too soon.


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