Thursday, August 31, 2006

The First Cut is the Deepest

Today, I was trying to decide whether to get my hair cut after work, or not. Where I am working, this week, is about as near to my barber's as I am going to get, without going there, so it would make sense to go while I am nearby. I try to plan my trips so as to minimize traveling, to save fuel.
Getting my hair cut is always a collision of conflicting desires. One the one hand, it looks better short. On the other, I enjoy playing with my hair, which I can't do when it is short. There is something incredibly soothing, to me, about twisting my hair in little knots and then snapping them between my fingers. I have been doing this since I was a little child; for as long as I can remember. My mother hated it. When I snap the knot, it makes a little sound and it used to drive my mother nuts. She tried, for years, to stop me, but to no avail. She ridiculed me about it, to the point where I was embarrassed to do it in front of anyone not in my immediate family. So, for most of my life, I have been a closet hair puller.
Usually, when my hair gets long enough to do it, it's a signal that it's getting time for another hair cut. In fact, cutting my hair short is the only thing that seems to stop me from playing with my hair. Funny how my mother never thought of that tactic. Within the last couple of weeks it has gotten to that point again. I usually leave it longer for a couple of weeks, so I can enjoy playing with it for a while, then get it cut. The problem, today, is that I haven't had enough of playing with it, yet. I would like another weekend of hair pulling bliss. The drawback is that if I don't get it cut this week, next week, I won't be working as close to the barber's and it will cost me more in petrol to go. Dilemma!
Because my hair is kinky, when I play with it, it tends to stay in little knots, until I comb it again. People with straight hair can twist their hair to their heart's content, then it just goes back to being straight. As I agonized over what to do, while working, I received a text message, from the agency. Next week, I am working at a golf club again, then I am back to the same company I was at this week, for another week. That settles it! I shall leave my hair as it is. That gives me two weekends of hair pulling pleasure, then I will be working near the barber's again and can get it cut. I love it when things work out.


Blogger Ellee Seymour said...

Judging from your pic, I don't think it needs a cut, maybe try a different conditioner to work on those knots.

1:16 PM  
Blogger JosephintheBracknell said...

The picture is a few months old. My hair is longer now, than in that picture. It grows pretty fast and I need to cut it about every to months.

The "knots" comb out. It's not a matter of conditioner. I have kinky hair, courtesy of my African ancestors. When I twist my hair, it stays that way, until I comb it out again.

11:50 AM  

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