Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Kingdom

Having won free tickets to see an advance, sneak preview of "The Kingdom," I went to see it, today. Although I had two tickets, I couldn't find anyone willing to go with me, so I went alone. One problem was that the cinema I needed to attend was a bit off the beaten path. Out of the two people I know who live near the cinema involved, one had to work and the other had a sick daughter. Never mind.
"The Kingdom" stars Jamie Foxx and Jenifer Garner. It's the latest film by director, Michael Mann ("Collateral," "Miami Vice," "Heat") Jamie Foxx leads a team of FBI forensic investigators who travel to Saudi Arabia, to track down the terrorists who attacked a compound of American, ex-pat workers. Working with a local, Saudi cop, who starts out as minder and ends up an ally, the FBI agents face a severe culture clash. This provides the meat of the drama, outside of the action scenes, culminating in a gun battle that has become a Mann trademark. I was instantly reminded of the big gun battle towards the end of "Heat." The only drawback to the film is that the subjects it raises are covered very superficially. I thought "Collateral," which also stars Jamie Foxx, along side Tom Cruise, had much better character development. So, I wouldn't say this is the best film by Mann, but it's competently done, escapist fare.



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