Monday, August 20, 2007

Go West Young Man

Over the weekend, I won two tickets to a special, invitation only, concert by Kanye West. The concert was tonight, in London. The only problem with all this was finding someone to use the other ticket. There were difficulties with the usual suspects. A close, personal friend isn't currently interacting with me, so no invite for that person. Hey, if you don't return my calls, how can I invite you anywhere? Besides, that individual doesn't like rap music. Tom was unenthusiastic. He's not particularly fond of rap, either. Plus, he was due to leave for France today. Nando wasn't interested. Jan remains out of the country, in Italy. Tina, is away, visiting her family. Mucky Sarah is getting over being ill. Finally, I tried calling Chef Anthony, Sunday evening. He didn't answer his mobile, but I left a message. He loves Kanye West.
Not having heard back from Anthony, I put the call out, further afield. I posted a notice on Facebook saying I was looking for someone to go. I sent a bulletin on Myspace, to all of my 3,071 "friends." I even set up a chatroom, on the internet, inviting anyone to use the other free ticket. Okay, I probably set up the chatroom too late. I wish I had thought of that earlier. How could it be, in 2007, that I could have a free ticket for a private Kanye West gig and not be able to find anyone to use it?
When I arrived at work, this morning, I went looking for Anthony. It took me moments to run into him. He said he'd seen that he had a missed call from me. I asked him if he'd listened to the message. "No," he said.
"Why didn't you listen to it?" I asked, full of frustration.
"I thought it was you calling to tell me you were on TV, or something," he replied. "I looked on the TV, but I didn't see you."
"Anthony," I said in exasperation, "I won two free tickets to see Kanye West, tonight, in London. I was calling to ask you if you want to go."
"What?" Anthony hadn't seen that coming. "Kanye West? Hell yeah, I want to go." So, it seemed that the problem was solved. Or was it? Chef Anthony has a history of saying he'll do things, sounding very enthusiastic, but later backing out. Sure enough, as the day wore on, he stated coming up with objections. "I left my wallet at home," was his first one.
"Can't you have someone bring it here, to work?" I suggested. I used to be a car salesman, so overcoming objections is my forte. He agreed that would be a solution, but as hours passed, he seemed unable to make that happen. "Why don't you borrow some money from Russell," I said, offering yet another possible solution. "You can pay him back, tomorrow."
"That's not a bad idea," Anthony replied. But when I checked with him, several times, during the remainder of the workday, he hadn't done it. He left work forty-five minutes before me. I told him that if he wants to come, to meet me at Farnborough Main train station before the 4:58 train for London Waterloo leaves. When the train pulled away from the station, there was no sign of him. No one else bothered to call me and take advantage of the other ticket. I walked into the venue, tonight, alone. The concert was recorded for television. I love being in front of cameras. When opportunity knocks, you need to grab hold of it.

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