Saturday, August 18, 2007

Why Do Girls Like Pink?

While on my way home today, as I sat waiting for a connecting bus at the Bracknell bus station, I noticed a young woman sitting to my right. She had on these "Timberland" style boots, which most people seem to get in beige or black. Her's were pink! To top that off, she had a pink belt on, as well. Why the heck do girls like pink so much?
In the winter of 2005-06, I was working on a long-term temporary assignment at a bistro, located within a health and racquet club. One of the regulars to eat at the restaurant was an Australian aerobics instructor. I made up a nickname for her. I used to call her "Australia Girl." She was into pink, too. She even had a pink mobile phone. A female friend of mine drives a pink car. Traditionally, girl babies are dressed in pink, while boy babies are dressed in blue. Pink has long been associated wit the feminine. Although it has become fashionable for heterosexual men to wear pink shirts, some refuse to. I think I own one pink shirt and one pink tie. Nando refuses to wear pink, saying its gay. On "Big Brother" this year, the twins are into pink. As they are girls, it seems no big deal.
So ladies, please explain. What is it with girls and pink? Why do so many females seem almost obsessed with pink? I can picture Beyonce wearing pink, but not Bruce Willis. As the Pink Panther used to say, "think pink!"

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