Friday, August 10, 2007

The Twins Do a Brave Thing

On "Big Brother" this week, the twins, Sam and Amanda, were offered a choice. Ever since they came into the house, people have been wondering if they would be treated as one contestant, or as two separate contestants. For some time, it was supposedly settled that they were two separate contestants on the show. Big Brother reserves the right to change the rules at any time. So, Sam and Amanda were given a choice. They could be treated as one housemate, but then they would both be up for eviction this week. Alternatively, they could be treated as separate housemates, but then they would have to pick one of them to face the public vote, this week.
All along, I have said that the twins should be treated as one housemate. I can't see a reason to favor one over the other, but together they are very entertaining. My wishes have been fulfilled. Saying that they couldn't bare to chose between themselves, Sam and Amanda stared down Big Brother and elected to be treated as one, even though it meant risking the pair being evicted. Also up for eviction were Amy, Kara-Louise, and Jonty. Of course, the twins stayed. Sadly, Amy, the glamour model, was evicted tonight. I would have preferred Jonty to go, as Amy is the sexiest housemate, but the voters, most of whom are women and gay men, chose to chuck out the buxom beauty, instead. At least we have the twins as one. Brave girls, well done. Now, if only they could win the series.

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