Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Blocked Out

This afternoon, when I boarded the bus home, from Camberley, there was a gaggle of beautiful young women on it, again. However this time, they had occupied my usual seat, in the emergency exit row. I needed to find a different place to sit. I settled for one of the seats near the front, with lots of legroom. These are the ones that have signs above them requesting that one give up the seat for a pregnant, or elderly person. I'm not old enough to be elderly and I can't get pregnant, but I am too tall to fit in most of the rows on the bus. My knees get jammed against the seat in front. These buses must have been designed for elves. Why don't they add, "and for the big tired guy, on his way home from work, who can't fit into any of the other seats" to the signs? Don't I deserve a seat, too? Beauty is wasted on the young.

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