Thursday, August 02, 2007


The other day, on the bus coming home from work, I noticed that I was surrounded by beautiful, young women. Raising my head from trying to sleep, I spotted six beauties around me. I usually sit at the back of the bus, in the emergency exit row. This isn't because I expect to need to escape, but because I like the extra legroom available there. The emergency exit row is wider than all the others. Anyway, to my left, across the aisle, was a tall, leggy, brunette. In front of her were a couple of bouncy blondes. In front of me were a few more ladies, with varying shades of hair color, including a brunette with lovely blue eyes. I was the only man in the midst of all this young, taunt-skinned, femininity.
After a few stops, this tide of totally babalicious bounty began to ebb. In ones and twos, they each left the bus. Them just when I was resigning myself to going back to sleep, a hot blond in an aqua tunic got on, in Crowthorne. She looked to be a nurse or beautician, or something. Maybe a dental technician, as there is a dentist's office near that stop. When I was younger, my dentist was this kindly, old Jewish man, back in America. I'm of two minds about whether I would prefer a hot blond gal working on my mouth. Yeah, she looks great, but the downside is, she gets to see you at your worst. It's impossible to look cool when you are in the dentist's chair. In any case, this girl ignored me as completely as the other six did. I might as well go back to sleep.

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