Friday, July 27, 2007

Big Brother Eviction 6

Tonight, Charley became the sixth person evicted from the Big Brother house. No surprise there. She ended up being the second most hated housemate in "Big Brother" history, behind Sezer. With bookies' odds of 1/500, she set a new record for short odds for an eviction. It was because of those odds that I didn't bother betting any money on this weeks eviction.
After Charley's eviction, five new people were put into the "halfway house," adjoining the main house on the show. Two of these five people will be selected to join the regular Big Brother house. The rest will be off the show. The five consist of three women and two men. Two of the women are gorgeous. One of them is a glamour model. Despite these new additions, this year's crop of Housemates seem a bit dull. Charley was one of the most entertaining, but now she's gone. Who's selecting the contestants for this show? He or she should be fired.

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