Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Double Decker!

Britain is known the world over for the double-decker, red buses in London. Out here in Berkshire, most of the buses are single level. There are a few doubles around, but they're not red. The ones out here are more sedate colors, like blue, beige, or green. The 194 route I take, to and from Camberley, while traveling to or from work, has been serviced by single decked buses. That is, up till now. I was standing in Camberley, the other day, waiting for a 194 to arrive and begin the run to Bracknell. I was very surprised when a double-decker bus turned up, displaying the 194 route number.
Flashing my weekly bus ticket as I scurried aboard, I immediately climbed the stairs to the upper level. I wanted to sit in the very front row, for maximum viewing pleasure, but two young women had beat me to it. They were together, but instead of sitting next to each other on one side, they each took up an entire two place seat, on either side of the aisle. The inconsiderate little twats! I had to make do with a seat one row back. Still, the view was great. I could see down into people's gardens and notice things along the route which I had never seen before. About halfway to Bracknell, the two twats got off and I was able to move to the front row. The bus kept banging into the lower limbs of trees overhanging the road. The trees were used to the lower, single level buses. I wish there always was a double-decker on the 194 route. At least I got to enjoy it this one afternoon. One of life's simple pleasures.

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