Thursday, July 12, 2007

Naive London Girl Live Show

Last night, I went into London and saw the Naive London Girl Live Show, performed by Mucky Sarah and Wanda. They performed at a pub called the Wheatsheaf, in Central London. Turnout was a little lighter than expected, but in a way, that worked in my favor as I was still able to get a seat in the front row. This was my first time seeing them do the show, live. Even if you have seen them before, they do different material each time, so you should have come. Hey fellas, the audience was filled with good looking women. In fact, I was the only man in the audience! Even the staff tending bar were female. A room full of good looking women, talking about sex, is definitely the place to be. I have seen Mucky Sarah perform live, before, as I have recorded podcasts with her. I was the guest co-presenter with her, on a recent "Naive London Girl" podcast, when Wanda wasn't available. We also do the "Big Brother Review" podcast together. This was my first time seeing Wanda, though. An experienced comedienne, Wanda is very animated and funny. She even bought me a drink after the show. Sadly, I couldn't stay long, after the show, as I needed to catch the last bus back to Bracknell, which leaves before 11PM. Sarah and Wanda are due to be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, next month. Check them out.

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