Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Get On the Bus!

Now that my car has died, I have been riding the bus to and from work. In some ways, it's not too bad. The bus stops just down the street from my street. I take one bus, the 194, to Camberley, then catch a free shuttle bus service from Camberley train station, to the office complex where I work. A weekly ticket costs £22.00. That's only a little less than what I used to spend in petrol. The downside is that it takes me an extra hour, each way, to get to work, as compared with going in a private car. No wonder people prefer driving to taking public transportation. I use the extra time to sleep, read, or just look out of the window. There are even a few hot women on the buses. Sometimes, in the mornings, a couple of hot nurses take the same morning bus as I do. I wonder if they could help me with my aches and pains?
Unlike the underground, a bus is intimate enough that you start to recognize the same commuters, day after day. I have run into quite a variety of bus drivers, on the Bracknell-Camberley run. The free shuttle bus usually has the same driver, every day, morning and afternoon. He's from Nepal and he plays some Nepali language radio station on the bus. You haven't lived until you have heard Nepalese music. I feel I am sharing experiences with my mother, who's car died a few years ago, as well. She rides the buses, back on Long Island. Now in the world of buses, I have discovered a cheap bus service between Bracknell and London. This could result in me spending more time in Britain's capital. Somebody better warn the Queen.

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