Friday, July 13, 2007

Fake Big Brother Eviction

Tonight's fake "Big Brother" eviction is too close to call. I am going to predict that Charley will be the one fake evicted, although it's so close it wouldn't surprise me if Nicky was the one. In fact, I think it should be Nicky. Charley is so hated by the viewing public that I don't see the point in fake evicting her. People want to evict her for real. I think it would be much more clever to fake evict Nicky, who would go back in the house wound up from the experience.
In case you didn't know, tonight's eviction is "fake," as part of "Fake Week," on "Big Brother" series 8. The public are voting for the housemate they would like to see go through the whole eviction process, including an interview with Davina, but then be put back in the house. The "evictee" would get to see who nominated her, just like in a normal eviction interview. As I said, I think we'd get the most out of Nicky experiencing this. Charley doesn't need winding up, as she's always wound up. Also, the funniest thing I heard on "Big Brother," this week, was when Charley said, in the diary room, that she didn't understand how she ended up nominated. She is blissfully ignorant of how annoying people find her. Get a clue, love.
Non-UK/Ireland readers, I have been told that it's possible to watch our UK "Big Brother" over the internet. A young man in America called in to "Big Brother's Big Mouth," the other day, saying he watches over the net. Don't ask me how to do it. Have a fiddle around on the old computer and work it out. He also said the UK series is better than the American version. So come on, join in on all the fun.

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