Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sleeping On the Bus

On the way home from work, today, I fell asleep on the bus. That's not so unusual, as I usually try to catch up on a little sleep during the ride, both to and from. Some of the drivers throw the bus about and I end up having my head banged against the window. I have always been skilled at falling asleep almost anywhere, if I am tired enough. However, what made today special was that I fell back to sleep just before my stop. I then missed my stop and woke up again just as the bus was approach the end of the line. I had accidentally ridden all the way to Bracknell town centre. All I could do was get on another bus heading back, the opposite way. Because of my weekly bus ticket, I didn't have to pay any extra for this. Also,I had the good fortune that there was a bus waiting to go as soon as I got off the one I came in on, so my detour didn't waste too much time.

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