Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rescued By Jodie Marsh

Going to see Jordan Marsh perform, this past Saturday, took a bit of effort. His gig was at the Bull pub, in Brentwood, Essex, while I live in Bracknell, Berkshire. Going from here to there, using public transportation, took four hours. I took two buses, two Tube trains, two overland trains, and a taxi to get there. Unfortunately, Jordan had already started playing when I arrived, but he hadn't been on for long. Making my way to the bar, I bought a pint of larger, then took a place on the edge of the crowd, facing the stage from the side.
About a third of the way through Jordan's first set, I suddenly spotted his sister, Jodie, on the opposite side of the pub. I hadn't seen her earlier. I know she's only 5' 2" tall, but she was with Matt again and he's well over six feet tall. I hadn't seen him either. Maybe they had been in a different position before. When Jordan finished his first set, he left the stage and headed in my direction. Where I was standing was along the path to the toilets. I expected him to pass by me, without pause. To my surprise, Jordan came right up to me and spoke. He recognized me! Well, I didn't expect that. He'd only met me once before, for about fifteen minutes or so, when I was auditioning for his sister's reality show, and that was over two months ago. Then he said, "Jodie's over there," gesturing in the direction where I'd spotted his sister, earlier. I acknowledged his observation. He added that he wasn't sure she'd spotted me, but he had noticed me as soon as I walked in.
After a brief, but cordial conversation, Jordan excused himself in order to continue his way to the loo. I was now faced with a dilemma. Originally, I hadn't intended on speaking to Jodie. I didn't want to intrude while she was out with Matt. Not realizing I had been spotted, I was going to just listen to the music, then go. However, now that Jordan had spoken to me, it might seem strange if I didn't go over and speak to Jodie. Meanwhile, Jordan had begun his second set. The music wasn't too loud, but it was loud enough that I wouldn't be able to engage in conversation with Jodie, in the area she was standing in. I decided to wait till the show ended, then go over and say hello.
It got later and later, with no sign that the music would stop. I began to worry that I wouldn't make it to the last train back to London. After an encore, the show finally ended. I walked purposefully across the floor. As I approached Jodie, I saw the spark of recognition in her eyes. She greeted me and offered her right cheek for a kind of show businessy kiss, as is her habit. I told her that her brother had told me she was there. Jodie responded by informing me that Matt had spotted me, when I walked in. What? This caught me by surprise, as I had never met Matt before. So, how on Earth did he recognize me? I told Jodie that I had come to hear her brother's music. She suggested that I come to more of his shows. Then, after a brief pause in the conversation, I excused myself, saying that I needed to catch the last train to London. She offered me the cheek, again, for a goodbye kiss.
Walking outside the pub where I could hear, I called the cab company on my phone. They informed me that I would have to wait twenty minutes. Surely, that would cause me to miss my train. "Forget it," I said and disconnected the call. I set off into the night, in the direction I thought the train station was in. I was walking along for about 5 minutes, when a vehicle slowed to a stop next to me. All of the sudden, I heard a voice ask, "need a ride?" Looking up in shock, I was confronted by Matt and Jodie's father! They informed me that I had been heading in the wrong direction. I accepted the ride and got in the back.
Matt then told me that Jodie had spotted me leaving and noticed that I was heading off the wrong way. She sent Matt and her dad to rescue me. In a few minutes, they got me to the station. I was in time to catch the last train for London. Thanking them for the ride, I asked them to pass along my thanks to Jodie. If they hadn't come along when they did, I might have been stuck in the Essex countryside, all night. All's well that ends well. Hey Jodie...thanks.



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