Monday, August 13, 2007

The Other Marsh

This past Saturday, I went to Essex to see Jordan Marsh perform, live. Jordan is Jodie Marsh's brother and I originally met him while auditioning for Jodie's reality TV show. When I read Jodie's autobiography, "Keeping It Real," I discovered that her brother is a musician. After our initial meeting, I added him as a "friend" on Myspace. It was on Myspace that I first got to sample his musical talents and, although I wasn't expecting much, I was impressed. Here in England, everybody's heard of Jodie Marsh, but her brother is not so well known yet. It turns out he's the hidden gem in the Marsh family.
All of sister Jodie's talent in looks and the wearing of scintillating, sexy outfits, Jordon equals in musical ability. He sings and plays keyboards. Soul, rockabilly, R & B, and funk are the styles of music Mr. Marsh enjoys and he does them justice. As good as his recordings sound on Myspace, he was ten times better in person. Jordan played the Bull pub, in Brentwood, a regular venue for him. Over the years I have lived in England, I have seen a number of pub bands, but few put on as musically competent a show as I enjoyed on Saturday. The crowd were entertained by a repertoire of covers on famous songs by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Average White Band, Curtis Mayfield, Elvis Presley, and Little Richard, amongst others. All of this and the admission price was absolutely free.
Sadly, Jordan's regular band mates weren't available, so he played with a stand-in drummer. He also had a sax contribution by the drummer's wife. There's something cool about female sax players. It was also unfortunate that we didn't get to hear any of Jordan's original material. A promised CD is on the way. Jordan has a number of gigs lined up, primarily in Essex, for the rest of the year. There is at least one gig in London, as well. If you get the chance to see him perform, I recommend you grab it. Jordan Marsh gives you real music, with real instruments, not the artificial sound of synthesized percussion that plagues a number of pop acts these days. You can check him out on Myspace, at: . I predict that he will shine as a star in his own right, rather than remain in the shadows of his sister. I expect that she is very proud of him.



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