Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Brown Bottler

Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, announced that there would be no election this autumn. After the Conservatives gained in the pools, following their party conference, cutting Labour's lead, it seems Brown is afraid the risk is too great that his party would lose. The result might have been the shortest Prime Ministership in recent memory. Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, challenged Brown to call an election, giving a confident speech at his party's conference. When Labour was ahead in the polls, party leadership seemed anxious to call an early election, but lost their nerve when the gap closed. Here, Parliamentary elections are not set, like elections are in the United States. The Prime minister has some leeway over when to call an election. Brown gave the unconvincing excuse for not calling an election that he wanted to "establish his vision for the UK," before facing a general election. What nonsense. Regular readers might remember that I wrote, earlier this year, that Gordon Brown's wife is attractive. Well, Cameron's is even hotter! These lovely women are burdened with nit wit, politicians for husbands, when they could have me. Shame.

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