Monday, October 02, 2006

If You Love Something

"If you love something, set it free. And if it comes back to you..." I don't remember what happens after that. I was in London, this evening, to do a "run-through" for a game show, being pitched to TV bosses. I took the Circle Line to the studio. I discovered something on my Underground journey, today. The Circle Line has to be the slowest Tube line I have ever experienced. It's awful. We spent more time waiting in stations than we spent traveling between them. As I walked from the Tube station to the studios, I encountered a distributor for "thelondonpaper." This cheerful woman gave me a fresh, new copy of the free paper. I didn't have to pick up a discarded one on the train. Wonderful! I love getting papers for free.
After the run-through, I was awarded a bottle of champagne by the production company, for my performance. I would have preferred more money, but still...a free bottle of champagne is better than nothing. The rest of the participants in the run-through all left rather quickly after it was finished. No one wanted to hang out, it seemed. So, I left as well. As I was walking down the street, carrying my bottle, poorly wrapped in some tissue paper, trying not to drop it, I realized I had forgotten my free paper at the studio. I hadn't even read any of it yet. Oh no! I couldn't go back for it. I would have to just try to find a discarded one on the train. I felt sad.
As I wasn't in a hurry and am exceedingly lazy, I took a bus from the studio to a Tube station, rather than walk. The first bus that came along ended up passing Angel Tube Station first, so I got off there and sought the station entrance. As I walked up to the entrance, feeling dejected, a young man came over to me, offering me something. It was another copy of "thelondonpaper," brand spanking new! He seemed anxious to give it away and I was happy to receive it. I had set my lovely paper free and it had returned to me...or, another one just like it. All was right with the world.


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