Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Quiet Cinqo De Mayo

Of course, yesterday was Cinqo de Mayo. For ten year, I have been saying that I would go out for Cinqo de Mayo, to a Mexican restaurant, here in England. In the past, I always forgot, or, one year, I just couldn't be bothered. Since I have started driving buses, in London, I have seen several Mexican restaurants, in various locations around South London. I almost forgot again, this year, but, at the last minute, I remembered. So, after work, I caught a bus to Spices Yard, in Croydon. There is a Mexican restaurant across the street and that's the nearest one to the garage where I am based. Nobody I sent a text to showed any interest, but I didn't let that stop me. With great anticipation, I walked into the restaurant. It was deserted. There was on couple there and the staff outnumbered the customers. What went wrong?Back home, in New York, Mexican restaurants put on big Cinqo de Mayo celebrations. It's some sort of holiday, in Mexico. This place, in Croydon, was dead as a swine flu victim. There weren't even any signs of the holiday, anywhere. It was midweek and Arsenal were playing Manchester United. Maybe that was it. Even after I wished each staff member a happy Cinqo de Mayo, they each seemed underwhelmed. I had my first margarita ever, order dinner for one, ate, then went home. Has swine flu killed off all Mexican enthusiasm?

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Sunday, May 03, 2009


My regular readers have probably noticed that my once prolific blogging has, lately, slowed to almost a standstill. It's not been for lack of desire, but I am way more busy than I used to be. Also, since my car blew up, almost two years ago, getting around has become a lot more time consuming, thus using time I used to blog. I am planning on acquiring a laptop, soon. This may result in me finding more time to blog.

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