Monday, August 27, 2007

Bank Holiday and Death of the Box

Today is a holiday in Britain. It's a "bank holiday," which means most businesses are closed. Every year, this long weekend symbolizes the effective end of summer. I have enjoyed an extra day off. Tomorrow, I have a commercial shoot, so I am off from the restaurant. For me, that's like having four days off of work in a row. I went out on Saturday night, but the rest of the long weekend I didn't end up doing much. Just relaxing, catching up on sleep, blogging, and listening to music.
I had planned on going shopping, today. However, after staying up till 3AM, I ended up sleeping till 1PM. By the time I had my breakfast and watched a little TV, it was too late. The downside of it being a bank holiday Monday is that the stores close early. One thing I did accomplish was the death of "the box." It's evil forces seemed to have faded. The weather was lovely all weekend and my agent called me on Friday, with this commercial work for tomorrow. Today, I took a pair of scissors and attacked the box. After cutting open the paper, it was a simple matter to remove the top and get to the contents, inside. As I had suspected, it contained all the items I had left at my close, personal friend's home, during my last visit. Sadly, there was one casualty. She had given me a little figure, which was supposed to honor "the world's greatest actor." The figure's arms broke off during shipping. I suppose that was the box's last, feeble attempt to strike at me. Perhaps this bank holiday can be a celebration of my defeating the evil box. Hey, if the cardboard from the box is recycled, does that mean it's evil influence could return one day?

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