Monday, July 31, 2006

Charlie Wolf on the Big L!

Written 24th July, 2006: This morning, Charlie Wolf starts a week doing the Big L morning show. As I have never heard him, I will try to catch him. When I have explained my concept for a radio show to some people, a couple of them have made comparisons to Charlie Wolf. The Big L is 1395Am, London (Sky Channel 0190 or internet ). Earlier, I called Opal Bonfante during her "London Calling" show, also on the Big L. We had a lovely chat and she giggled a few times. I love her giggling laugh. Opal played her trademark game, "Spit or Swallow," where she gargles water and tries to sing a song at the same time. I finally heard someone guess the song correctly. After I heard the answer, I must admit it did sound like that song. I don't care if I don't win, I just love hearing her try to do it. Half the time she ends up in giggles. As usual, Opal asked me to select a song. I fired off four an she had none of them. What kind of music library does the Big L have? For some strange reason, the Big L provides the presenters with a house, with an Austrian maid or au pair, or something, named Gabby. Charlie Wolf has taken up residence for the week, there and Opal had dinner with him. I will have to hear him do radio in order to decide if that was a boon or bane for dear Opal. Gabby made cous-cous and some chicken for the males in the house and just cous-cous for dear Opal. Sadly, she's a vegetarian. I had a nice sirlion steak for dinner, with jacket potato, cole slaw, and sweetcorn. I cooked it all myself...well, all except the cole slaw, which came out of a container. The Black Queen would be amazed.
Prior to that, I called James Max on LBC, 97.3 London. (Sky Channel 0177, internet: ) One of my Myspace friends and loyal readers tuned in to hear me. She sent him a text, but so late in the show that he didn't read it on air. She went on to request him as a friend and he promptly added her. James is eager to have "friends" on Myspace, so please do add him. Let him know that you have added him at my suggestion, so he can see how many "friends" he is getting from this blog. If you enjoy reading my blog, leave a comment and let me know. Also, post a link to it in any forums you are a member of. Recommed it to friends and family. The larger the readership, the more clout we have with the media world. The more clout we get, the better the articles I can produce for you.


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