Monday, July 31, 2006

Spit or Swallow?

Written 20 July, 2006: Last night (I only say last night because it was just before midnight), I called Opal Bonfante on her "London Calling" show, on the Big L 1395AM, London (Sky Channel 0190, internet: Opal was playing a game, "Spit or Swallow," where she sings a song while gargling water and contestants have to guess what song she is singing. Most times she does it, she ends up giggling afterwards in the sweetest way. I had no idea what the song was, but I love the way she sounds giggling. It was great radio, as well...very funny. Opal continues to live up to her description as, "hot and sexy."
Opal told me that she had an email from a listener, asking if I had been on, yet. While I am very pleased that I am developing a following on her show, I was a little disappointed that it was a man who emailed, rather than a woman. Since Opal describes my voice as, "overtly sexual," I would hope that some of the ladies out there would be emailing about me. Opal let slip another interesting tidbit of radio gossip. Radio presenter, Charlie Wolf, fomerly of Talksport, will be doing a week on the Big L's morning show. She was more excited about that than I was. I am still waiting for my Big L goodie bag that I won the first time I called her. As usual, Opal asked me to pick a song. I was prepared with "Hey Mama," by the Black Eyed Peas, in honor of Fergie adding me on Myspace, as a friend. Typically, Opal didn't have it! I then selected "Let's Get It Started," also by BEP, as an alternative, which she did have. Did you know that the song was originally recorded as, "Let's Get Retarded?" It still appears as that version on the album, "Elephunk," but was redone as a single, perhaps in deference to political correctness.


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