Monday, July 31, 2006

You've Got the Part

Written 21 July, 2006: Opal Bonfate has developed quite an appetite for my blog. She sent me a message, earlier, complaining that I hadn't posted another article yet. She didn't respond to my offer to produce her radio show. When I called her, this morning, she complimented me on my choice of songs. After naming some she didn't have, again, I picked Curtis Mayfield's, "Move On Up." You can catch Opal's "London Calling" show on the Big L 1395AM, London (Sky Channel 0190 or via the net at: ) One of the reasons I called Opal was to let her know that I was offered the part I auditioned for, last Friday. A speaking role in a short film segment being produced for a TV series. This is my first part in Britain and my first speaking role anywhere.
Meanwhile, I was invited to an informal interview for a special film project being filmed this weekend. It's a short film being produced for a contest. The whole film must be produced in 48 hours. I was invited to come to Brixton, in London, to interview to be a part of this project. It's unpaid, but I get to network with other actors and get to know the producers, who have other projects in development. Plus, I need the experience. At 6:15PM, I was told to be in Brixton for 9PM. On the radio, the traffic and travel report said that there were problems with Tube trains and delays on all lines. I decided to drive this time. It would be late enough that I wouldn't have to pay the congestion charge, which ends at 6:30PM. For those of you outside of the UK, you now have to pay £8 to drive into central London during the day, weekdays. Screw that!
As I am running low of food, I intended to get ready, then dash out to Sainsbury's and do a quick shop, get some petrol (gasoline), then head off to Brixton. First, a shower. I go into the bathroom to shower and find that my new housemate has left the tub full of water. He'd gone out not too long ago. Why the heck did he leave water in the bathtub? It looks like clean water with some soap in it. Hmmmmm. Well, I can't take a shower with the bathtub full of water, as we have one of those combination bathtub/showers. I went back into my bedroom. Maybe he is coming back shortly to use the bath. I played Cubis Gold online and waited.
Meanwhile, I got the directions to where I was going in Brixton, on the computer. Mapquest said it would take 46 minutes to drive. I had better give myself a cushion of extra time, as Mapquest doesn't allow for traffic. With the Tube problems, traffic might be heavier than normal. By 7:15, new housemate still hasn't returned. I decided to drain the tub and take my shower. The heck with him, he shouldn't be monopolizing the bath/shower when he's not even home. I looked at the water in the tub again. It had a slight bluish tint. Should I use the bath water, instead of wasting it? I ran my fingers in it and smelled my fingers. Hey! This smells like bleach. Sure enough, there's a bleach bottle on the floor of the bathroom. He's left a tub full of water and bleach. Why the fuck would he do that? I pulled the plug and let the water drain. Showered, shaved, brushed hair and teeth. Put on a pair of Ralph Lauren chinos, a short sleeved, button down shirt and trainers (sneakers). After two auditions in suits, I was going casual this time.
By now, it was 7:35PM. Too late to go food shopping. My car has a leak in the cooling system, so I topped up with coolant before setting off. I bought £20 worth of petrol. Bloody Hezbollah and Israel have driven up the price of petrol. Ooooohhhh! Double chocolate chip American style cookies, marked down to 20 Pence on their sell by date! I'll have those. By now, it's a quarter to 8PM and my cushion is slipping away. The radio reported delays on the M25, so I took the M4, rather than the M3, cause it's a straight shot into Central London, thus avoiding the M25, London Orbital. I opened the sunroof, as my air conditioning isn't working. Making my way in, the traffic was light, up until Heathrow. Then it slowed down to bumper to bumper, for a bit. As I hadn't had my dinner, I opened the double chocolate chip cookies and munched a couple. Nice and soft...chocolatey. I hope I don't get chocolate crumbs stuck in my teeth. There's melted chocolate on my right hand. Use my left had to pop open the centre console and fish out a paper napkin. After the M4 becomes the A4, traffic picked up again. Right on Earl's Court Road and down to Chelsea Embankment, then along the river to Vauxhaul Bridge, a nice drive on a warm, July night. Across the Thames on Vauxhaul Bridge to South London. I try to read the signs and my directions. Which way? I go right and end up on the wrong road. Eventually, I realize this isn't right and make a U turn. It's getting near to 9PM and I don't need heading the wrong way! I correct my course and finally end up on Brixton Road. Now I just need to find the address I am looking for. I keep checking...still further, still further..still further...I passed it! It's 9PM now! I need to find a parking space and walk to the address. Turn left on some side street. Finally, there's a parking space. I start walking back. I am late. Oh, I hate being late. That damned wrong turn!
Of course, the number I want is the opposite end of the block. I press the buzzer. I am expecting a woman, so of course, a man opens the door. He greets me by name, so he's expecting me. I am led inside and offered a seat. There's the woman I am expecting. The room has tripods, computerized editing equipment, it looks the part. We have a relaxed conversation, the three of us, discussing the project and my background. They they tell me they will let me know, tomorrow night. Then, there is the sound of the doorbell. Their next appointment is here; time for me to leave. Because of the time I left, I missed "Eastenders." As I walk back to my car, I check the time. It's 9:35PM, no way I can make it home in time for the 10PM rebroadcast on BBC Three. As I drive back, I see signgm advising that the M4 is closed between Junctions 1 and 3, for road work, from 9PM. I was planning on stopping at Tesco in Wokingham, on my way home, to do my shopping, as they are open till midnight. At the Chiswick Roundabout, I head off on the A316 towards the M3. This would avoid the road works, but coming home on the M3, I wouldn't pass near Wokingham. Passing through Richmond, I spot a Sainsbury's. It looks open. Checking the sign, I see it closes at 10PM. I have about 5 minutes to shop. As I am walking down thvegetablele aisle, a voice announces over the public address that the store is closing. So far, I only havpotatoto salad, colslawlw, and stiry frvegetablele mix. I start rushing around. Where are the hot dogs? They're out of hot dog buns, but what about the dogs themselves? I grab a sirloin steak for £1.98. Sainsbury's Crisps twelve pack. Finally I find the hot dogs. Hertas aren't on sale! grabrap a pack of thing Sainsbury's own brand, 10 for £1.49. It's less than ideal, but I am desperate. I continue home.
Walking in the door, I turn on the TV. "Big Brother" is already on, so I listen in, while putting my dinner on. Spaghetti again. By the time "Big Brother's Big Mouth" is on, dinner is ready. Finally, I watch "Sugar Rush." Oh no! I realize that, last week, when I got home so late from visiting Tom, the Injured Cyclist ( ), I missed last week's "Sugar Rush." The things I do for my craft. During "Sugar Rush" commercial breaks, I listen to Opal Bonfante. Once "Sugar Rush" is over, I call in to Opal, which is where we began! After speaking to Opal, I call in to Bill Buckley's show, on LBC 97.3, London (Sky Channel 0177, net at: ). Bill says he has been thinking about me. However, it's not what I think. He is thinking that perhaps he and I shouldn't recap the day's "Big Brother" episodes, anymore. Well, tonight, I only caught a bit of "Big Brother" anyway. I shared my good news about getting the part, with Bill. He's very supportive and offers to read lines with me, over the air. As if! Oh well, it's a nice sentiment anyway.


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