Monday, September 03, 2007

A Holiday of Sorts

In America, today is Labor Day. It's the last three day weekend of the summer, there and the symbolic end of summer. Here in the UK, we had our end of summer, long weekend, a week ago. Even though summer officially ends around the 22 of September, or something like that, the last long weekend is the psychological end. This week, kids go back to school. Over the weekend, I noticed that it's getting dark noticeably earlier. It's starting to feel autumnish.
Whew I was a kid, going back to school seemed like the end of summer. In the newspapers, it was reported that meteorologists are predicting warmer temperatures, later this week. The newspapers lamented that this warm spell is a cruel twist of fate for the returning students. That's one area where being older has it's advantages. The opening of the new school term has no affect on me. Being that I work, nothing changes.
I did end up starting a holiday of sorts, today. Nando informed me that Hitler's Nephew is away for a whole month. Apparently, the old git has gone back to Austria, for a month off. A whole month! No I do feel like celebrating.

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