Friday, August 31, 2007

Big Brother 8 Final Tonight

It's all come down to this. Tonight is the final of "Big Brother" series 8, here in the UK. This has been the longest running series so far, with the most housemates. However, I think producers picked a bad crop of contestants, this year. The last few weeks, ratings have reportedly been down and even I have not been watching as much as I usually do. Let's face it, any series without me in it is an example of the production company not putting their best foot forward. My favorites to win are the twins, Sam and Amanda, who count as one contestant. Typically referred to as "Samanda," they are also the favorites with the betting public. They have set a new record for receiving the most amount of money wagered on them to win. At least report, £5,000,000 has been bet on them to win the competition, tonight. Even I have gotten in on the action. I bet on the twins a couple of weeks ago.

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