Friday, September 07, 2007

Banning Cars

Recently, this dork from the Liberal-Democrats, in Britain, called for the banning of petrol cars in the UK, by 2040. Chris Huhne, the "Environment spokesman" for the party, came out with this crap in order to "tackle climate change." I am so sick of people asking for this and that to be "banned." If consumers want vehicles that don't emit CO2, then the market will provide them. In fact, as I have previously said, the market is poised to do just that, with the pending introduction of hydrogen burning vehicles. Politicians can't solve problems, they can only create them. All that they can do, in government, is apply force. Hopefully, Huhne will eliminate his "carbon footprint," by shooting himself. For the moment, at least, we have the satisfaction that Huhne's party is not "in power."

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