Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

Today is May Day, the first of May. Traditionally, it has been a holiday celebrated by socialists and communists, also known as "International Workers Day." So, I guess it is fitting that today is also the tenth anniversary of the Labour Party coming to power, under Tony Blair. The Labour Party is, after all, a self-proclaimed, socialist party. I guess it is also fitting that "Mayday" is the international distress call. Ten years ago, today, I was traveling from Wales to England, during a visit to the UK to see D---a, who went on to become my evil ex-wife, the Black Queen. As May Day is associated with the international labour movement, I suppose it is fitting that today I returned to work, at the restaurant. The day seemed to pass quietly, here. I didn't hear about any anti-capitalist rallies. The weather was beautiful. Because May first fell on a Tuesday this year, next Monday will be a bank holiday. I hope the day is as beautiful, weather wise. Then I can enjoy being off from work. That is the aspect of labour people seem to enjoy most. Avoiding it.

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