Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Backwards People Vs Forwards People

One thing about travelling on the train is that a lot of seats face away from the direction of travel. This seems to be the case more for trains than for any other form of transport. When you fly on an airline, generally, all the seats face forwards. In some smaller planes, like corporate aircraft, and in helicopters, there are sometimes backwards facing seats, but not on airlines. One exception is the jump seats for cabin crew. These are often backwards facing. Some people don't like travelling facing backwards. They insist on facing forwards. I call these people, "forwards people." A minority prefer facing to the rear, so I call them, "backwards people." Others don't care, but I don't have a label for them.
Some forwards people claim they will throw up, if they ride in a backwards facing seat. I prefer facing forwards, myself. When I was younger, I went o great lengths to avoid riding backwards, but I never threw up because of it. As I have gotten older, I have found that I am less concerned with whether I end up in a backwards seat, or not. My main concern is to get where I am going and to have a seat. During my trip to Paris, at Christmas, I learned that my good friend, Barbara is a forwards person. She is one of those who claim riding backwards will make her vomit, so on the Eurostar, she insisted on moving from our reserved seats, which were backwards, to some forwards ones. I let her get on with it and stayed put.
The other day, I was on a crowed train. I ended up riding backwards. As there were so few seats available, I took the first one I could find. Looking to my right, across the aisle, I noticed that there were three blond women riding backwards, facing three brunettes riding forward. Is there a correlation between hair color and direction of travel preference? I feel empowered, because I can ride in either direction. Forwards people sometimes seem like a pain in the ass, when they start stressing over a seat. I've noticed one man, on the first train I take in the morning, who seems to be a backwards person. Even when a forward seat is available, he will take a backward one. I wonder if he'll be sick, if he rides forward? As I am a person who can ride in either direction, I wonder if that's why I haven't come up with a name for us?
So, which are you? Are you happy the way you are? Do you think direction of travel preference is due to nature or nurture? Can a forwards person ever be cured of his limitation? I just thought of something! Rowboats are primarily backwards facing. I wonder if forwards people are more susceptible to seasickness? Merrily, merrily, merrily, is but a dream.

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