Friday, September 14, 2007

Those Damn Tories

The Tory Party, under David Cameron, are considering a set of green policy positions. These include raising taxes on short-haul flights, raising taxes on cars, and banning the standby feature on electronic appliances. They are supposed to be conservatives, but they seem to be trying to outdo the other parties at anti-market, centralized economic planning attacks on liberty. Thus they offer no alternative to the socialist Labour Party, currently in power. Unfortunately, the Liberal-Democrats aren't much better either. If the British people want to emit less CO2, they are already free, in the marketplace, to do so. They do not need government terrocrats using force to make them do so. Most of the Tory proposals being considered would not reduce CO2 emissions, but merely line the coffers of the Treasury with more stolen money.
I pay for the electricity I use. If I want to use it powering standby modes, that's up to me. People should throw their remote controls at Cameron's head until he gets it. The airlines, car companies, power companies, oil companies, and electronics companies need to wake up and realize that these green proposals will be a threat to their businesses. Call me a sceptic, but reduced fuel consumption will reduce the takings by the government gang in fuel taxes. These new, so called "green" taxes might just be a sneaky attempt to replace expected lost revenue. Sadly, there seems to be no pro liberty alternative in the British political arena. At least in America, they have Ron Paul. We could do with a Ron Paul for the UK.

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