Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Late Buses

Lately, I have been taking the second bus from Bracknell to Camberley, in the mornings. This bus arrives in Camberley just a few minutes before the bus for the office complex, where the restaurant I work at for my day job is located. For a long time, I was worried that if I took this second bus, I might miss the bus from Camberley to work. The downside of taking the first bus is that I end up waiting half an hour in Camberley. Also, to catch it, I have to leave earlier, which results in less sleep, or getting less done in the morning. That wasted half hour annoyed me.
For a few months, I watched the second bus arrive just before my bus to work. It seemed to make it every day and the driver of my bus to work even thought I was taking it. Finally, a few weeks ago, I was so busy, I failed to make the first bus. I took the second one and it worked out fine. Without consciously intending to, I found myself falling into the routine of taking the second bus. All was well, until one day last week, when the bus was ten minutes late. I missed my connecting bus to work and ended up being late. This morning, it happened again! Should I force myself to start taking the earlier bus and end up spending half an hour sitting around, in Camberley? Or, should I continue taking the second bus and if I miss connect occasionally, so be it?

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